Chicken Stock Solutions

Poultry Palace is excited to open our State of Art Rendering Plant based in Laverton.

Due to a major gap in the market and many customer requests for a quality, human consumption Cooked Fat - Poultry Palace commissioned a development to produce a product of excellence for the Australian and Oversees Market.

Poultry Palace been one of the largest poultry distribution companies was in a perfect position to have the volume of raw product to develop a quality cooked chicken fat

Only the freshest natural raw products are used in the production of our Chicken Fat.

Product packed in 18kg Pales and 2kg tubs if required.

Why use Cooked Chicken Fat?

A natural cooking ingredient that lends a wonderful flavour to food. Chicken fat has an incomparable round richness and is suitable to enhance any cooking in particular soups vegetables and Asian cooking

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