Poultry Palace Fresh Range

Poultry Palace provides a high quality range of premium chicken cuts each prepared in the perfect portion size. Maintaining the highest standards our extensive range is prepared and delivered fresh daily.

Our Fresh Range of products also includes an extensive range of Duck, Quail, Pousson and Turkey.

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Whole Birds

  • Premium, whole chickens suitable for a Sunday Roast and your family meal.
  • Available in all weights, fresh or frozen.

Breast Fillet

  • The premium cut of chicken which is low in fat, high in protein and packed full of nutritional benefits.
  • Available in all sizes, including butterfly cut and skin on or skin off.

Tenderloins, Diced, Minced and Stir Fry Strips

  • Lean natural chicken conveniently prepared as Tenderloins, Diced, Minced or in Strips ready for you to use in your next meal creation.

Thigh Fillets

  • Our thigh fillet cuts are often described as the most tender and succulent part of the chicken.
  • Availble with skin on or off.

Maryland and Whole Maryland Chickens

  • Maryland Fillet - a premium cut fillet consisting of the entire leg of thigh.
  • Maryland Whole Chicken - includes the entire leg of thigh and drumstick.
  • Available in all sizes, with skin on or off.