Poultry Palace Signature Series

Poultry Palace provides a high quality range of premium chicken cuts each prepared as the perfect portion size. Catering to your various needs, we also offer an extensive further processed range which includes quality finished crumbed lines.
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Chicken Dim Sims

  • Value for money snack – taste is great for that ideal kid’s meal or any hearty snack time.

Chicken Sausages

  • Delicious, traditional chicken sausages packed full of fresh herbs and premium chicken mince.

Nuggets including Tempura Nuggets

  • Bite size tender chicken breast meat either crumbed or battered
  • Tempura Nugget uses a special recipe and cooked to perfection.

Chicken Burgers

  • A healthy snack with natural meat crumbed to perfection.

Chicken Garlic Balls

  • Bite size chicken balls made from premium chicken meat with an infusion of garlic butter.
  • Ideal for that quick snack, entree or children’s meal